Dear Website

I know I have been neglecting you terribly. I’m sorry 🙁

If it will help any, here is a peace offering of new eye candy that is a result of my latest project. >^_^<

There are two versions of this. First in color, and then again, slightly tweaked, in B&W, because I thought it looked pretty cool that way too.

The portrait is nice, nothing spectacular about it really, but the materials technique is what I’m really showing off.

The figure, hair, and clothing were shaded completely in Poser 7, using a combination of textures and material nodes.
One of the most difficult things to accomplish in Poser materials is a decent cell shader. I think I’ve finally come up with a really nice style, in that regard. The ink lines on most toon shaders in Poser are, to put it bluntly, TERRIBLE. They are jagged, inconsistent in quality, and just..ick. I think I’ve managed a workaround.

I’m still working on this technique, but I have a sampler pack coming out soon at RDNA, so keep an eye out if you like this style.